Are you in love with mouth-watering burgers? If yes then Carl’s Jr. restaurant and Hardees is the best fast food place to satisfy your food cravings. Carl’s Jr and Hardees have started a customer satisfaction survey available at | where guests can visit and leave their honest feedback about their experience at the restaurant. This feedback helps the organization learn more about their customers through CSAT Score (Customer Satisfaction score) and NPS (Net Promoter Score).

Also, there is an alternate website for Hardees and tell happy star survey and that is

All you have to do is take out two minutes of your time and enter the survey website and give your non-biased opinion about the service, environment, food quality, and staff behavior.

Before taking the survey you should know the rules, requirements, and eligibility criteria to enter the survey sweepstakes. 

Survey Details

Survey Prize:Small drink, small fries, small hash brown
Age:Must Be 18+
Entry Limit:One time only
Receipt Valid For:30 Days

TellHappyStar Survey Rules and Requirments:

There are some rules of the TellHappyStar Survey which you need to consider before entering the survey. So, let’s dive in

Tellhappystar survey Rewards and Prizes

By taking part in the TellHappyStar survey and after successfully completing the survey, you will be able to get the reward. The reward will be:

But one important thing that you should know is, you can’t get all of the above-mentioned rewards prizes on one coupon. One coupon will entertain only one prize. So, you have to select only one reward from these.

How to take the survey- Online method

Follow the guide below to participate in the survey sweepstakes to get free fries, drink, or hash rounds.

Things you need to know about Tellhappystar

Carl’s Jr. and Hardees are conducting tell happy star survey at survey site from their valued customers. Their aim is to provide them with the best of what they are serving. Taking surveys from its customers related to the quality of food items, services, and atmosphere helps the company to expand itself and provide the best from best to its customers.

 For this purpose, they collect reviews both negative and positive which help them to know their flaws and help them to improve. Your reviews work to provide the best for you.

It will take only a few minutes to fill the TellHappyStar survey. As an acknowledgment of the time you take out to fill the survey at survey, you will get a chance to enter into the sweepstakes and you can win a free meal along with a gift card worth $1000.

What else you need? Fill the survey right now to avail of this offer. Homepage

At the homepage, you will see 4 entry fields right below the welcome note. To start the Carl’s Jr. and Hardees Customer satisfaction survey, all you have to do is enter the Store number, Time, and Date. Also in the drop-down menu of min age requirement select yes.

You can find the entry details from the purchase receipt. A sample of receipt is available which makes it much easier for you to look for the needed information to start the feedback process. The button is available by hitting which will lead you to the next page. You can also change your language to Espanol if you wish.

Tips and Tricks to enter more than once:

About Carl’s Jr

Carl’s Jr. Restaurants is an American inexpensive food chain of restaurants that is worked by CKE Restaurant property with various authorities in the United States. A striving food business person Carl N. Karcher sells hot dogs, tamales, and chili dogs. In 1941 on his first day of business, he earned $14.75 in sales.

In 1945 Karcher and his other half opened Carl’s Drive-In Grill in Anaheim, California, which later added burgers in 1946, and later on, in 1956, the first Carl’s Jr. location was opened. 

In March 2016, CKE has a sum of 3,664 organizations in 38 foreign nations and 44 states and U.S. territories. In 2016, Business people recorded Carl’s Jr. on 54 number among the rundown of 500 top establishments, which positions the entire monetary solidness, strength, and development rate for the 500 top establishments in any field through the US. In 2016 Carl’s Jr. was on 54 number among the list of 500 top franchises. Which positions the entire financial stability, strength, and development rate in any field through the US.

About Hardee’s

Hardee’s is an American food chain of restaurants run by CKE restaurant that is situated in the Midwestern and Southern US. The organization has developed through a few corporate properties since it is a foundation in 1960 in North Carolina. This new mission will be a totally unique and somehow different approach based on what was utilized to out of CKE.

A couple of years later, a food pioneer was causing a ripple effect in Greenville, North Carolina. Wilber Hardee had opened his first Hardee’s area in 1960, serving “Charco-broiled hamburgers” and within five months handled his first franchisee.

In April 1997, CKE Restaurant, the parent organization of Carl’s Jr. paid $327 million to Montreal-based Imasco Limited for Hardee’s. The merger made a chain of around 3,828 cafés, 3,152 Hardee’s sources in 10 unfamiliar nations and 0 states, and 676 Carl’s Jr. sources, principally in California. In June 2018, Chief previous Jason Marker of CKE declared that Hardees’ and Carl’s Jr. would become separate brands, guaranteeing that CKE’s marketing campaigns and advertising were contrary. In April 2019 Ned Lyerly who is a 30-year veteran of the organization and previous Leader of CKE’s International division became CEO replacing Jason Marker.

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  1. was at the hardees in new baden illinois (5533, I think the reciept is so faint that it is almost illegible ) twice in the last week, both times the order was wrong. the first time we did not recieve the sandwiches that we ordered, the second time we did not recieve our french fries. the drive thru line was so long it was not feasable to go back

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